Vibrate Low

So all is well and blessed in your world even if you’re struggling right now because you can do, be and have whatever you want and here’s how we get there. Say it quietly, put your feet on the floor, let’s meditate, let’s chill and then it’s like dosing them with every tool I can but what was happening and I’ll wrap up is I was doing my own process and then I was working in Oakland, I’m working with kids and I had to bring what was working for me into the classroom so that I could stay grounded in among all the chaos and the trauma that I was dealing with. So it was like a survival technique we’re doing, like really intense urban education and wanting really great results.

And then it became about how do I make this into a curriculum and how do I really teach this where, hey guess what this is what we’re doing and I’m not going to like try to sneak it in. We’re just going to be really clear. We’re letting go of some stories that are not working for us right here and now and then teaching them how to check each other with those premises, too. And be like, is that true? Is that true that your … Can you prove it? Is it good for your well-being to believe that? Who are you without that story and getting them to see if they change their thinking, they can change their experience no matter where you come from, anything is possible.

Did you have a question that you want to add in or …

You know, I teach them like this is a pleasure, love, joy-based universe. I go … They think I’m super adult orbit with them but that’s what engages them. It’s theatrical and so it’s all like, this is a pleasure, love-based universe. Do what you love. Keep your vibration high. So we talk about what does it mean to vibrate? does it mean to vibrate low? You’re in this empowerment. What does it mean to vibrate high? You’re in love. When you vibrate high, things come easily into your life. When you start your day off and everything goes wrong, you’re going to go like that all day until you change your thinking. So how do we … And then we learn tools about how to vibrate higher, you know.

I said there’s some other ways you can vibrate higher, but like you want to put substances in your body to vibrate higher. Do you want to get there naturally? So we just talk really, really frankly about that and it’s balanced between like serious hard conversation and then putting the stereo on blast and drowning them out in really great music and making art and just feeling free. So it’s not like let’s be deep and heady and super … It’s a practice of balancing it out, making it fun but also making it incredibly deep and meaningful and practical.

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To speak to your question of how do you affect children that are with you for 45 minutes and in really pushed out … I mean, I’m working primarily with kids in Newark, New Jersey which yesterday was voted the worst city in the world to live in. So I was pretty upset by that. My program in Irvington, my mindfulness practice, which really in order to have an eco-system change and to allow kids to connect differently, I made an agreement … I’m a bit of a bully I guess with the school district that the only way I saw that my effort and the efforts of the children who were choosing to be there which they really believe in honoring the fact that they’re making a different choice for themselves was that I would teach the same practice to their teachers.

So I raised the money to do that so there was no excuse that there was no funding that was number one and I host like a typical back-to-school night just for the parents of my mindfulness practitioners so that they have a common language in their home, in their classroom and amongst themselves and I also of my group. After six weeks, I asked for volunteers who are going to become co-facilitators and I groomed them and then they take over the power of the forum. I really want to step away and give them the freedom for the conversations in what they do, but we are touching the families and the people who are formerly educating them in the public systems and am forever grateful to that district for taking that opportunity for the kids.

I think it’s important to address this directly. So the today. Are you hungry and here’s some snacks to eat or like what are you going through or taking the time also just to connect on that level. I think that caring does carry a weight even if you have a limited time with the students they recognize that that’s a place where their needs do matter. I want to say something about the connection side of things. I’m going to go back to the entire metal sensors but also applies to what you’re doing and what you’re doing and any democratic education efforts.