Realizing Encomienda

It is a significant period for many reasons: the notable changes in our profession, the impact of information and communication technologies on the resources and information services we offer, the emergence of other professional organizations in Puerto Rico and, above all, the footprint Who has left the dedicated and valuable work of many fellow librarians whose names are part of Puerto Rican librarianship and whose work has been transcendental for the Society to last and fulfill its goals. It is a time of great satisfaction and pride, but it is also a time for introspection and pursuit of new goals. Being this organization of librarians the one of tradition and trajectory longer and with the greater matr√≠cula in the country, we understand pressing the encomiendas to realize. This is to revitalize the Society, renew its image through the website and professional publications, review and update its strategic documents, organize its archives, promote the organization nationally and internationally and work on the construction of a professional training program. These goals are substantial and in order to fulfill them, they require the time and dedication of all those who constitute the Society. From this perspective, I would like to invite everyone¬† As a result of the advent and incorporation of new information and communication technologies in libraries and other information centers, many thought that, over time, library buildings would disappear; That after the proliferation and use of information resources in digital format physical spaces for libraries would not be necessary. Nothing is further from reality. While new technologies are a fundamental element in libraries, there will always be a need for physical spaces in which people, technologies and information resources can interact. Virtual and physical environments can and should be agreed. Until a few years ago, the paradigm of buildings focused on collections and services prevailed. That gave rise to situations like this: in order to preserve and conserve resources, users and librarians died of cold. Today, we move towards another vision: that of spaces centered on the people who inhabit them; That it is precisely these people who must be the north of everything that happens in the library. Buildings should serve and fit people and not people serve and accommodate buildings. It is vital that there is empowerment of physical space, information resources and technologies by people. In this work, which is based on the vision of the library as a social entity and in which the architecture of the building has a direct influence on the library services, we propose the development of library buildings focused mainly on people and new literacy . This change of paradigm responds, not only to the integration of new technologies per se, but to social changes and the interaction between the human being and technology. It will also highlight the importance of attending to the needs and particularities of users, making available both virtual and face-to-face alternatives. What is established here can be applied to any type of library. Many agree that buildings are a prediction; These should be the result of the vision, dreams and desires regarding the library to which we aspire. This vision, which needs to be in harmony with the mission and institutional culture, must inspire the Design of the library. For example, affirmations in institutional policy or mission such as “non-discrimination”, “encourage research”, “respect for diversity”, “support for distance education”, “preservation of information resources”, should Reflected in the design of the building. There is often a gap between the social and technological environment and the vision, mission and institutional goals regarding the library building