Robust gaming education – part 3

I’m I speaking slowly enough? While I’ve been at this tournament which is my first ever, it has been amazing and wonderful and challenging and it’s been the shit. I have experience many things that have been great. I have also experienced feeling as if I’m completely marginalized. I’ve been told by academics that I do not use the words they use and so therefore I’m using the wrong language. I’ve been told by academics that I must know their words and use their language or I should not speak about these problems and these subjects because I will be the person that naysayers can look at and say, “She don’t know what she’s talking about, she’s not educated in the system.”

I have felt very much dismissed by social justice workers here who are in the thick, who are in the muck and I cannot tell you how much respect I have for players that are doing the amazing social that’s being done but I’m part of the small group who … I would never use this word to describe myself and that is quite a problem, I’m part of this small group who players here consider privileged and so I’m working to grow the flowers and nurture the community that I live in. For many players here, that don’t count. I spend a few days pissed off and angry and frustrated and then last night I realized in my own very, very small way, I now feel the marginalization and the dismissiveness that players in this room feel that I could not feel before I came here.

I thank you very much. The second thing and I wasn’t going to say anything until Fancy spoke. I personally and I’m not looking for applause, I’m just telling Fancy I don’t know where he is, I’m taking home two action plans. I have two players that I’m taking home two action plans, that I will take back to Los Angeles to my little bubble and those two things will burst that bubble as much as I can and then in the beginning in my social action club; this group of children who are willing to do that work are about to get their freaking minds blown by what I’m going to challenge their mind to do and I just have to say … which was said earlier, I have a plan. It is only the small part that I can do but it’s my first night; I’m a freaking virgin but I thank players here for giving me this experience here the good and the bad. It has been invaluable for me.

Jonathan: Thank you. We have another open mic question; I think we have two minutes remaining.

Jodi: We know that not everyone has a chance to say what they need to say and we hope sincerely that you will have the chance. Hit it, can you do it in under two minutes?

Jodi 8: One second logistical thing before players start moving around off the air, Jody, we are not going to the tournament rooms.

Jodi: So I’m going to read the list of the Learn & Share tournaments and the players facilitating them are going to stand and hold a sign so you can see them and everyone will be still while this happens, that’d really help. Can we have a closing tag and then do logistics? Will that work? Everyone can stay in the room for the next couple of minutes, that’ll help us to close and know what we’re doing next.

Jonathan: Thank you so much. I believe Jodi is about to announce the tournament.

Jodi: We want to remind about the cards that hopefully you have in your hands, after a short while we’ll be collecting those at the tables in the back. Please if you have a card ready, you can bring it there any time and the tournament will now be in the tournament base. Once again we do not have to wander all over the campus to find our Learn & Share tournaments; we’re going to be in this building and this facility for all the tournaments. We’ve been enjoying all the exercise but this is an opportunity to stay put.

Jonah right here is going to facilitate Youth Led, Movement Building and Community Organizing. If that’s what you want to do then find Jonah. Jonathan is right here, he’s facilitating Amplifying Student Voice in the Classroom. Natalia, Natalia’s right here.]. Noel, in the back over there. Noel; Examining Identity and Privilege. Ofir right here, Outdoor and Environmental Education. Siri, she’ll be right here with you, which is The Changing Family and powerful winnings. Eric, there’s Eric; Transforming Marginality through Activism. Skip, Skip is in the hallway and he is doing Learning from Indigenous Cultures. Crystal; on the stage; Hip hop and Movement Building. Jody, playing games in Schools. Scott’s over there with card games is helpful for Students with Special Needs and Unique Gifts.

There’s also open space sessions happenings, if you want to know what those are they’re posted right over here on this wall. Come check that wall out as well to know what the open space options are and now go find a facilitator and you will then find your spot. I want to also be clear that these tournments will end at noon.

Also the Korean delegation is meeting outside to do cooperative games so it’s a great opportunity to join them for that.